Danske Bank Oslo Marathon has passed 22,000 participants

Danske Bank Oslo Marathon has now passed 22,000 registered participants. That’s 6,500 more than the same time last year.

There are now only 600 spots left in the half marathon, while the marathon distance is already full. Happy Norwegian runners have not taken completely summer holiday. The demand is very high.

Last year, 23,500 participants at the event party in the capital. This year will be even higher.

In total there are now 3,000 registrations in the marathon distance of 42,195 meters. Half Marathon has nearly 12,500 registered participants. In total, 6,014 have signed up to “10 km for Grete.” There are 320 registered participants at the distance of 3 km. In the Children’s marathon it is registered 170 runners.

It flows with registrations from all over Norway but also some from abroad.

- We expect that half marathon will be full within a short time. There are still spots left on the “10 for Grete” or you can join through our partners. We will create a race party and celebration in the streets of Oslo in September, says marketing and communications manager Odd Arne Støstad Marsteinstredet from the organizing club SK Vidar.